About Us

Abex Technologies Co., Ltd. was established in 2013 to focus on fiber network and photonics products and solutions. In order to fulfill the ever-growing needs and requirements of our customers, our company has continuously sourced new potentials and products while also meeting with manufacturers and suppliers who can meet our customers’ requirements and cooperate with us.


We are a distributor of photonic products and solutions from well-known brands in the United States of America, such as Newport. Furthermore, we have never stopped searching for new solutions that can fulfill our customers' needs. Our many years of experience in this field have made us professionals.


We are an associate company under Kumpulan Abex (KABEX) Sdn Bhd, one of the well-known pioneering homegrown companies in Malaysia. We have invested in setting up a calibration and repair laboratory to provide fine adjustment and inspection of various optical instruments and fiber jointing (Fusion Splicer) equipment for local customers. If you are looking for telecom equipment, components, fiber cable, and test measurement products, we guarantee you will receive the best quality from us.