“Nanoscience solutions” refer to the application of principles and techniques from the field of nanoscience to address challenges, develop new technologies, and create innovative solutions across various domains. Nanoscience deals with structures, materials, and phenomena at the nanometer scale, which is typically on the order of 1 to 100 nanometers. At this scale, materials can exhibit unique properties and behaviors that differ from those at larger scales.

Low Temperature Systems

  • Dilution Refrigerators
  • High Field Magnet
  • Optical Cryostats


  • Life Sciense
  • Physical Sciense

Spectroscopy Instruments

  • Optical Spectrographs for UV, NIR & SWIR
  • Spectroscopy Cameras for UV to NIR and SWIR
  • Optical Cryostats for Spectroscopy
  • Solis Software