Field Test

A field test is a real-world trial or experiment conducted in a natural or operational environment to assess the performance, functionality, and effectiveness of a product, system, technology, or process. Field tests are conducted to gather practical data and insights under conditions that closely resemble the actual circumstances in which the tested item will be used. These tests provide valuable information about how well a product or system functions in real-world scenarios and whether it meets the intended goals and requirements.

Lab & Manufacturing Test

“Lab and manufacturing tests” refer to the processes of evaluating and assessing products, materials, or components either in a controlled laboratory environment or during the manufacturing process. These tests are conducted to ensure that products meet quality standards, specifications, and performance requirements before they are released to the market or used in various applications.

Fusion Splicer

Optical fiber fusion splicing, which is essential for building optical fiber networks, is the technology to join two optical fibers using heat generated by electrical discharge from electrodes. Sumitomo Electric provide “Excellent Fusion Splicer” with “Advanced Splicing Technology”.


Total Solution for Data center & FTTx with great and quality products of Fiber Optics Cable, Optical Distribution, Passive components, Active components and Fiber Optics Tools and consumable.

Data Center

Total Solution for Data center & FTTx with great and quality products of Fiber Optics Cable, Optical Distribution, Passive components, Active components and Fiber Optics Tools and consumable.


Spectra-Physics consists of lasers including Ultrafast laser, Continuous Wave (CW) Laser, Pulse Laser, Fiber Laser for precision industrial and scientific research applications. From the manufacturing floor and semiconductor fab to the research laboratory, Spectra-Physics lasers enhance our customers’ capabilities and productivity in the semiconductor, industrial technologies, life and health sciences, and research markets.


MKS Newport develop and manufacture world-leading photonics test and measurement solutions. With broadest product portfolio of Vibration Control, Motion Control, Opto-mechanics, Optics, Laser, Light Source, Laser Diode Controller, Light Analysis to cover market segment of Semiconductor, Industrial Technologies, Life & Health Science, Research & Development and Defense.

Optical Components and Subsystems

Optical components and subsystems refer to various devices and elements used in optical systems to manipulate and control light for various applications, ranging from telecommunications and data transmission to scientific research and medical imaging. These components play a crucial role in shaping, guiding, and detecting light in optical systems. They are fundamental building blocks that enable the creation of complex optical setups with specific functionalities.

NanoScience Solution

Nanoscience solutions” refer to the application of principles and techniques from the field of nanoscience to address challenges, develop new technologies, and create innovative solutions across various domains. Nanoscience deals with structures, materials, and phenomena at the nanometer scale, which is typically on the order of 1 to 100 nanometers. At this scale, materials can exhibit unique properties and behaviors that differ from those at larger scales.

Electronics Solution

Electronics solutions” typically refers to the application of electronic components, devices, and systems to solve specific problems or address specific needs in various fields. These solutions often involve designing, developing, and implementing electronic circuits, devices, and systems to achieve desired outcomes. Electronics solutions can range from simple electronic circuits to complex integrated systems, and they are used in a wide variety of industries and applications.