Optical Spectrographs for UV, NIR & SWIR
  • Andor’s range of highly versatile spectrographs provide high resolution, high throughput, high modularity, ease of use from the UV to the NIR and SWIR, from macro- to nano-scale, with fluxes down to single photon and time-resolution down to nanosecond. Andor’s spectrograph technology is based on Czerny-Turner, Echelle or Transmission optical designs.
Spectroscopy Cameras for UV to NIR and SWIR
  • Andor portfolio of CCD, EMCCD, InGaAs, ICCD and sCMOS cameras offer tailored solutions to particular sample or optical phenomena detection and characterisation challenges for Raman, Luminescence/Photoluminescence, Non-Linear or Optical Emission Spectroscopy/LIBS –based experiments.
Optical Cryostats for Spectroscopy
  • Andor’s Optistat range of optical cryostats provide cryogenic sample environments with a variety of design and performance characteristics. Available with liquid Nitrogen (LN2), liquid Helium and Cryofree™ technologies, sample in vacuum and sample in exchange gas systems, with sample temperatures from <2.3K to 500K. The Optistat range offers some of the most efficient and cost effective cryostats for Optical Spectroscopy, ideally suited to optical table based experiments or integration with 3rd party spectrometers.
Solis Software
  • Solis is Andor’s camera and spectrograph system control software. It is available as 32-bit and fully 64-bit enabled application for Windows (7, 8, 8.1 and 10), offering extensive data acquisition and export options to extract the very best out of Andor’s detection solutions. AndorBasic provides macro language control of data acquisition, processing, display and export.